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cat-on-court asked:

Hi! What are the mayor points of those who want independence? I'm trying to understand the whole situation but I'm struggling, mainly because I am not from Scotland (or UK, for that matter) and I don't really understand in depth the prevalent political atmosphere. Most of my knowledge of UK politics comes from Mock the Week - surely, you understand why I don't feel informed to properly understand situation. Why now? What has changed?


Hi there! I myself am a firm No voter - meaning I want to stay within the UK as part of a union - as such I don’t really know all too much about why people are voting yes. From what I understand it has a lot to do with people wanting more independence from the Westminster government (The UK government) but in my opinion there is no need to leave the union as a lot of our powers within the Scottish Parliament are devolved from Westminster.

Another reason many people want independence is they don’t like the current Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government we currently have. Scotland in particular is not find of the Conservative party, I suggest you look up Margaret Thatcher and the poll tax for reasons why as that’s a whooole other kettle of worms.

Like I said, I can’t really give you much for the yes vote as I will be voting to stay part of the UK, but I can give you my reasons;

I believe that as a union we are stronger. What’s going to happen to our NHS? Our military, that serve under the Monarch of the UK not an independent Scotland? What about the pound? We won’t be part of the EU so we can’t use the Euro and the banks have already said we can’t keep our currency. Our economy? There are 6 million people in the entirety of Scotland..there are over 8 million in London alone. Of the 6 million living in Scotland, the majority of those are unable to work, elderly or children meaning they are supported by government benefits. How is a working minority to support the current infrastructure we have? Are we to be taxed to high heavens to support those people on benefits? There are too many uncertainties for my liking.

From what I have read, the UK is currently the 6th largest economy in the world. If Scotland were to become an independent nation it would be the 42nd biggest economy in the world.

Everything I’ve said is my opinion so please don’t take it to be gospel. Someone voting yes will have an entirely different outlook to me - and yes, probably different facts and questions because the truth is no-one really knows. No-one has answers because this has never happened before.

Sorry this is so long winded! It’s a very complicated matter. I can point you towards http://scotreferendum.com/ for impartial information better than I can give!

I’ve not really answered your questions but I hope I’ve helped you a little!


I am so sad to think that it is likely Scotland will leave our grand Union. And I am further saddened when I hear so many of the English say “good riddance” or “well, at least they won’t be scrounging off of us any more”. Don’t you see that we are about to lose an integral part of our identity?

It was not England that built an empire, defeated fascism and stands as an example of democracy and civility the world over. No. It was Great Britain that did these things. Without Scotland, we are not British. We are diminished. 

And for someone like me, whose personal identity is so grounded in Britishness, in pride for what this nation was, and to some degree still is, this is devastating. It is frustrating that in this instance I have no control over the outcome, that I am told “who cares what you think? You’re English!” when this is a change so profound, so cataclysmic that its effects will ripple far beyond Scotland and indeed the British Isles.

I simply hope beyond hope that enough Scots will see the value in our Union. That they will not discard its benefits, or our history. And I hope that the Establishment will see this as a wake up call to reinvigorate this country. To truly reform it, with a complete constitutional overhaul. I fear that these hopes are held in vain. I am so, so upset to think that this fear will become a reality in just a few short days. 

Scottish Independence Referendum


The vote on wether or not Scotland should be an independent nation is in 9 days time, the debate started 2 years ago! Only now though are David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband deciding to come up to Scotland to show how much we mean to the rest of the UK - just because the ‘Yes’ Campaign had a 1% lead in the polls! 

I’m still not completely sure how I will vote, but you have to admit that it looks a little bit desperate! 

When do you think we should tell them we never even wanted independence, we just wanted them to show us how much they love us?!

Scottish Referendum


The fact that the majority of people are voting yes now is having me increasingly worried. Where are we getting our interest rates from? I still have not heard what magic fucking currency we will be using? And before anyone drops the racist remark, if you’re voting yes I hope you’ll be prepared to welcome vast amounts of immigrants who are ready to come to this country so the yes campaign can get the numbers up? The moment that there is a yes vote I will be moving south. If Scotland thrives as an independent country and we successfully manage it then I will be the first to put my hands up and say I was wrong, I just do not put my faith in Alex Salmond.